How Veta Works

Veta Smart Case is a "smart," re-usable, transparent carrier for your EPIPEN® auto-injector. Veta App on your phone connects wirelessly to Veta Smart Case. Veta Smart Case connects to compatible iPhone,® iPad,® iPod touch® or Android™ mobile devices using Bluetooth® Smart.

Veta Smart Cases

Veta can support up to eight EpiPen® auto-injectors within your network simultaneously! This means that you can purchase a Veta Smart Case for each EpiPen® you need to track and the Veta Smart Cases and App will work together as an integrated system, managing each auto-injector. Read our FAQ.

Temperature Monitor

Veta Smart Case sensors let Veta App know when your auto-injector's temperature is not within the range you set.

Removal Alerts

Veta App informs you and your support circle when the auto-injector is removed from Veta Smart Case.

Separation Alerts

Wireless signals between Veta App and Veta Smart Case monitor when your auto-injector is left behind.

FindMe Locator

Veta Smart Case flashing light and audio pings, along with Veta App GPS, help you locate a misplaced auto-injector.

Expiry Watch

Veta App warns you about approaching expiry dates for each registered auto-injector.

Support Circles

Define how much information support circle friends, family and/or guardians receive about your whereabouts and daily self-manage habits.

Battery Monitor

Veta App tracks Veta Smart Case battery level. (Batteries typically last as long as your auto-injector.)

Veta is private and secure. Within your private support circle, you can:

  • invite individuals you trust to your private support circle
  • join multiple private support circles (for example, you can be a part of your child's support circle and your niece's support circle).

In the future, Veta users will have the option of being part of a larger Veta public support group, providing benefits like public restaurant ratings based on strict criteria, such as chef and waitstaff knowledge of food allergies.

Automated notifications are sent for Separation Alerts, Auto-Injector Removal Alerts, Temperature and Expiry Alerts. Veta provides flexibility to decide what notifications will be received and shared by the person carrying the smart case. Notifications can be sent to the person carrying the smart case as well as to those people in your Support Circle. In addition, each person in your Support Circle can participate in different ways by configuring whether or not they receive Separation Alerts, Temperature and Expiry Alerts.

When the auto-injector is removed from the smart case, Veta broadcasts the Auto-Injector Removal Alerts and your location information to everyone in your private support circle.

Other features include:

  • Fast, one-touch access to people in your Support Circle and close contacts.
  • GPS and other location services to notify your Support Circle of your location so they can reach you physically or help coordinate support remotely.
  • One-touch access to video and other training material on the correct use of an EPIPEN® auto-injector.

Other features we are working on for future releases:

  • Helpful resources such as “mom-approved” shopping lists, barcode scanning, food photos, grocery-shopping tips, nearest open pharmacy, nearest hospital and trip planning tools.

Veta Smart Case connects to compatible iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or Android™ mobile devices using Bluetooth® wireless technology. Veta App runs on iPhone® and Android™ smartphones and Wi-Fi enabled tablets and devices supporting Bluetooth® wireless technology, including iPad® and iPod touch®. These include recent versions of Android phones and tablets supporting Android version 6.0.1 or greater and Apple products supporting iOS Version 10.3.3 or greater.

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Mom knows Abby has her EpiPen® as she heads
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Mom can ping Abby's smart case
Haley's smartphone alerting her about a missing smart case
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