Fostering Independence

Parenting teens is hard enough.

But when your teen lives with anaphylaxis,
it’s really challenging for parents to be sure their child is safe, without interfering too much.

Fostering Independence

Veta allows parents to monitor their teen’s vigilance without interfering.

Veta helps teens learn responsibility with their auto-injectors,
giving them more independence and freedom.

Fostering Independence

Haley is a typical, busy, distractable teenager with an active social life. 


She understands the seriousness of her anaphylaxis and wants her mom to trust her to manage it.

Fostering Independence

While Haley has backup EpiPen® auto-injectors at school,
sometimes Haley forgets to put her daily Epis in her backpack.

Veta App lets her know when her Smart Case and her auto-injectors are separated from her and her phone.


Fostering Independence

Haley uses Veta App’s FindMe feature to locate her Veta Smart Case.

Her smart phone pages the Veta Smart Case.

Smart Case identifies itself with a flashing light and ping sound.

Fostering Independence

Haley is able to quickly silence the Smart Case and grab her auto-injector without even involving mom. 

She has completely avoided one of their “scenes”.

Fostering Independence

Meanwhile… Using Veta App at work, mom can quietly keep tabs on the Smart Case’s whereabouts and also monitor how vigilant her teen has been.

She is relieved that she no longer has to remind Haley to remember to bring her auto-injectors.

The scenarios in this story do not suggest that you change your daily vigilance habits as recommended by your doctor. Always carry the appropriate number of auto-injectors with you.