Where’s My Epi?!

It’s human nature to forget things… But forgetting your EpiPen® is a big deal for families living with anaphylaxis and it can have serious consequences. It also leaves us feeling vulnerable, afraid, anxious and consumed with guilt (if you are the parent who forgot).
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Women looking for auto-injector under couch cushions.

Feels Good to be the Feel-Good Story

Veta made a splash on the world stage at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Many attending journalists agreed that Veta was a stand-out “feel-good story,” amongst all the cool gadgets and inventions.
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Aterica President & CEO Alex Leyn prepares for his CES interview

What if my child is too young for a smart phone?

Q: My child is too young for a smart phone. Do I have to buy one for her?

A: The great thing about Veta is that our system is designed for all ages and stages. As children grow and take on more responsibility for their anaphylaxis-related habits, Veta helps ease them through each transition. Read More…