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As the end of the calendar year approaches, it’s customary to look back on the year that has passed and then set some goals for the year ahead. This gives us a chance to analyze our experiences and reset for the following year.

Thinking Back

This was a BIG year for our little startup company. And while we are extremely disappointed we could not ship Veta Smart Case & App sooner, we are focusing on our many successful milestones this year. Our Blog chronicles these exciting developments, if you’d like to catch up.

Veta Smart Case

After many refinements, here is the final version of a Veta Smart Case.

Here are a few highlights of the year:

  • We connected with the world stage at the gigantic CES show in Las Vegas, where we received a lot of attention, an Innovation award and were touted as one of those products that will really make a difference.
  • We launched our first phase of local iOS beta testing, where we met face to face with our testers and received their input on enhancements. (Read more below about the next phase, which is underway right now.)
  • Based on the feedback we’ve received from our beta testers, we made many refinements to our Smart Case and have a few more coming. The final design is pretty slick, if we do say so ourselves.

Fun Fact: The steel molds required to make a Veta Smart Case weigh over 2,100 pounds! That’s pretty impressive if you consider that the final Veta Smart Case weighs only 2.1 ounces. This means it would take over 16,000 Veta Smart Cases to equal the weight of its molds. 

  • Veta App has been evolving and we’ve drastically reduced the setup time, streamlined the onboarding experience and added new privacy and protection features. Our beta testers love the enhancements.

We also had the privilege of reconnecting with the fabulous advocates, clinicians, foodies, innovators, bloggers and parents who organize and attend FABlogCon. Not only did we have an opportunity to demonstrate how Veta works and conduct interviews, but we were also able to invite a few people to onboarding sessions to get their reaction as they unbox and set up Veta.

In the summer, one of our engineers organized a lunchtime Food Allergy advocacy group fundraiser for our office neighbors and friends, which was a huge success thanks to some generous contributions.


Looking Forward

At Aterica, 2018 means making Veta a reality in thousands of families across North America (to start) and then globally. We are targeting late 2017 for a pre-order ship date and our next group of iOS and Android beta testers is just about to receive their Smart Cases. (In fact, boxes are being packaged right this very moment.)

Have a look at our assembled beta test packages, all packed and ready to go.

Thank You

Words cannot begin to express how extremely grateful we are for the many fine people who continue to support us and have cheered us on since Veta first made headlines. Our fan base is growing and so is the momentum. We are almost there!

Season’s Greetings

We know that the holiday season can sometimes add anxiety for families with special diets, as they carefully plan their holiday food. We’d like to remind you about our two posts which deal with both sides of the table: Help Others Help You for the Holidays and Hosting for Someone with Food Allergies this Season?

Best wishes from our team and we hope your new year is full of happiness and health.

the Atericans


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