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Where’s My Epi?!

It’s human nature to forget things. We forget appointments, birthdays and items on the grocery list. These lapses generally don’t have serious outcomes.

But forgetting your EpiPen® is a big deal for families living with anaphylaxis and it can have serious consequences. It also leaves us feeling vulnerable, afraid, anxious and consumed with guilt (if you are the parent who forgot).
We’ve heard this again and again from our Veta families.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Matias: 12 year old Matias shows up at grandma’s house after school. Grandma reminds him to leave his Epis by the door so they won’t forget them when mom comes to pick him up later. But his Epis aren’t in his backpack. He can’t remember where he last saw them. Aterica_Butterfly_Transparent_Centre_Aligned_1185x1185_201211061.png
  • Haley: Teenager Haley is very distracted with some drama amongst her besties. She’s late for her school bus and forgets to grab her auto-injectors as she runs out the door. Aterica_Butterfly_Transparent_Centre_Aligned_1185x1185_201211061.png
  • Evan: Everyone is ready for a family weekend trip and the van is packed full. The scene is pretty frantic and dad is anxious to leave. As they head down their street, an “uh oh” from the back of the van means Evan has forgotten his auto-injectors. They head back to the house, exit the van and the family forms a search party inside the house. Aterica_Butterfly_Transparent_Centre_Aligned_1185x1185_201211061.png

One Less Thing to Worry About

Women looking for auto-injector under couch cushions.FindMeVeta Smart Case & App addresses each one of these scenarios (and more) with FindMe. FindMe uses a combination of radio signals, satellite signals and GPS tracking to help locate your Veta Smart Case.

When seconds count, ping your Veta Smart Case using the Veta App. Veta Smart Case beeps loudly, leading you to its location and flashes with a bright light, in the event your smart case is buried deep in a back pack or purse.

…When you can’t remember where you last saw your Veta Smart Case, use the Veta App to determine its last known location, whether it’s inside the house, on a school bus or across the city.

Used in combination with Veta’s separation alerts, our goal is to make sure you always have your auto-injectors with you, eliminating some of the anxiety that results from forgetting to bring your life-line with you.