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Veta subscription servicesWhat’s a subscription and how much does it cost?

Okay, here’s the low-down on subscriptions. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Q: What’s a subscription?

A: Veta Smart Case & App enfolds you within a network of your auto-injectors and connects you to your support circle of friends and family.  A subscription covers the connectivity to keep you connected to your support circle (and other future network-reliant features).  It is the network service that enables Veta App to communicate with all the people in your private support circle.

For example, a subscription ensures notifications are delivered to every member of a person’s support circle. These notifications include separation alerts, auto-injector removal alerts, temperature warnings and expiry warnings.

Q: Does purchasing a Veta Smart Case include a subscription for a period of time?


A: With every Veta Smart Case purchase, you receive an automatic 12 months of subscription.

Q: So what does the special extended subscription offer mean?

A: It means that for a limited time, customers will receive 24 months of subscription instead of 12 months of subscription.

Q: When does the subscription period begin?

A: The subscription period begins when you activate your Veta Smart Case.

Q: So what happens after the free included subscription period is over? How much will it cost?

A: After the included subscription period ends, we charge yearly subscription fees.  Subscription rates are calculated by the number of Veta Smart Cases on a single customer account and charged annually.

The more smart cases you own, the less you pay per smart case subscription. For example, a single smart case subscription costs $24/year.  If you own four, six or ten smart cases, the subscription costs $48/year for all cases.

Smart Cases per Customer Account Total Yearly Subscription Cost*
1 $24.00 ($2 / smart case / month)
2 $33.60 ($1.40 / smart case / month)
3 $43.20 ($1.20 / smart case / month)
4 or more cases $48.00 ($1.00 or less / smart case / month)

* US Dollars

Q: Is a subscription mandatory?

A: Technically no, a subscription is not mandatory. However, without a subscription you are missing out on many of the benefits of Veta. If you choose not to renew your subscription after the automatic 12 months (and extended period), your Veta Smart Case & App will work, but just for the one person that carries the Veta Smart Case. This person will receive the usual notifications about temperature, expiry, proximity, etc., but no one else in their support circle will receive notifications (even if they have Veta App installed).