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What if my child is too young for a smart phone?

Q: My child is too young for a smart phone. Do I have to buy one for her?

A: You don’t have to buy a young child a smart phone. You do have other options though.

The great thing about Veta™ Smart Case & App is that our system is designed for all ages and stages. As children grow and take on more responsibility for their anaphylaxis-related habits, Veta helps ease them through each transition.

If your child is very young, then you are likely the one in charge of the EpiPen® auto-injectors. In this case, Veta Smart Case connects to your smart phone and/or to the smart phone of someone else you designate (for example, grandma or a babysitter).

School-aged children can connect the Veta Smart Case to Wi-Fi enabled iPod touch® or Android™ devices using Bluetooth® Smart (as well as other smart phones in your Veta Support Circle).

Teenagers, of course, are permanently attached to their smart phones. As the highest risk group for fatal food-induced anaphylaxis, using Veta on their smart phone as a way to encourage good self-carry behavior and is a critical factor for keeping teens and young adults safe.

Added Flexibility

Our beta testing families have been giving us excellent feedback about their daily experiences with Veta. As a result, we’ve been able to add increased flexibility to Veta App, giving Veta families more control. Some of our recent new features include:

  • Locked Settings: Parents with younger children can lock Veta Smart Case settings, so that important details cannot be changed easily.
  • Location Sharing: Teenagers don’t always like parents knowing their business and we respect that. Together with your teen, you can decide whether or not Veta App shows your teen’s location to Support Circle members (except during an emergency situation, where Veta App will always show the Smart Case carrier’s location). This protects a teen’s privacy, but parents know they’ll have access to their teen’s location when it really matters.

Starting Younger Than you Think

ageindependenceexcerptSpeaking of smart phones and children, we came across this Age of Independence survey published in Bay State Parent. Did you know:

  • a whopping 86% of children under 14 have smart phones
  • 13% of that group are between 7-10 years old
  • parents bought their kids smart phones for “safety” (72%) and “to stay connected” (67%).

These reasons are also pretty compelling for children who self-manage their food allergies.