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Feels Good to be the Feel-Good Story

This year Aterica attended the gigantic Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where attendance peaked at just over 170,000. The show floor boasted life-changing devices like driverless cars and smart home appliances. For the gadget geeks, this was pretty cool stuff. For the technology buffs, some of these inventions were impressive.

CES2016Award_20151111_01But we knew our Innovation Award-Winning Veta™ Smart Case & App for Epi auto-injectors had a further reach than cool tech. Our story could actually impact the quality of life for millions around the globe.

During a Bluetooth technology press event, we totally surpassed our hope of not getting lost in the crowd of giant hi-tech. Wedged between smart basketballs and Cadillac-version routers, dozens and dozens of people with press badges lined up at our table to learn about our first-and-only smart case and app for Epi auto-injectors.


Aterica President & CEO Alex Leyn Gets Ready for his Interview at CES

“You thought of EVERYTHING!”

With up to 15 million Americans living with food allergies, it came as no surprise that almost everyone we talked with either knew someone with food allergies/anaphylaxis or dealt with the challenges directly in their family. After participating in a demo and asking questions about how Veta works, the response typically was “wow, this is something we need to share” or “this is a product that can really make a difference” (with secret confessions that our story was more impressive than the exploding hovercrafts and more meaningful than the mind-reading laundry machines.) And, as has been said before, they praised our innovation with “you thought of everything!”.

And for those journalists who were new to anaphylaxis, we took the opportunity to spread awareness, with the hopes that they could, in turn, become food allergy influencers. #FoodAllergyLivesMatter. 1in13

Later, we would conduct interviews with various media outlets in our suite. Again, there was usually a personal [food allergy] connection to the Veta story. Many people we met carried an EpiPen® themselves and could relate to the challenges of remembering to bring their medication, monitoring the temperature and mobilizing others during an anaphylactic reaction. Words cannot describe how rewarding it was to see the looks of amazement and relief on all those faces.


Knowing that food allergies are on the rise in developed countries worldwide and that this potentially life-threatening condition affects #1in13 children in the US, we wanted the world to know about Veta Smart Case & App for Epi. It was important to us that the journalists shared our story and publicized Veta far and wide, so that more and more families could benefit from Veta’s Smart Case & App technology and the reassurance it offers. If the articles, posts, tweets and retweets are any indication, we succeeded in our mission.

But don’t take our word for it. See what others are saying about Veta Smart Case & App on our Veta Stories page.

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