Thank You Food Allergy Blogger’s Conference!

How many times can you say thank you? There’s probably no limit if you were completely overwhelmed and blown away by something. So allow us to say it again:



The Food Allergy Blogger’s Conference in Denver November 13-15 was an experience we’ll never forget, for many reasons:

  • We were welcomed into the close-knit and intelligent food allergy community with open arms.
  • We met the people behind many thoughtful and insightful blogs we follow.
  • We learned a lot about advocacy, auto-injectors, recipes and social media in the sessions.
  • We received many compliments about Veta. In fact, many said that Veta will be welcome in their lives and home.
  • We met other vendors in the food allergy community who are also motivated to make lives easier for those living with anaphylaxis.
  • We enjoyed some delicious allergy-friendly food, courtesy of Chef Keith Norman.
  • We received many, many hugs (and some tears [of relief]). And more hugs.
  • We heard our own words in descriptions of Veta from food allergy families and organizations. Specifically, we heard “an extra layer of protection,” “extra peace of mind” and “you thought of EVERYTHING!” again and again.
  • We listened to some compelling stories about some of the daily challenges of those living with food allergies, anaphylaxis, idiopathic anaphylaxis, nickel food allergy, EoE and FPIES and other forms of food sensitivity and restricted diets.
  • We met some very creative and powerhouse book authors.

And, most importantly, we made friends forever.

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