CES_InnovationAwards_2016HonoreeFirst Look at Veta’s New Award-Winning Design!

We are very proud to unveil our new, award-winning design of Veta™ smart case and app for EpiPen® epinephrine auto-injectors. Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) awarded this new design for Veta with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 Innovation Award – Honoree for its Fitness, Sports and Biotech category. The award recognizes Veta for its:

  1. Aesthetic and design qualities
  2. Engineering qualities
  3. User value
  4. Product uniqueness
  5. Feature attractiveness

Our team of multinational and multidisciplinary designers describe the new Veta design as:

“… a design that fits into its user’s daily life and simplifies anaphylaxis vigilance through automatic monitoring and connectivity. Veta’s sophistication is concealed in its simplicity.”

Not Just a Pretty Face

Veta’s design aesthetic goes way beyond skin deep. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to embody the sophistication into something that is easy to use and fits seamlessly with real, everyday lives of individuals living with anaphylaxis. More specifically, the elements we are proud of include:

  • beautiful – something people of all ages can be proud to carry
  • compact – leveraging minimal design principles to keep the smart case as small and tidy as possible
  • durable – made with the strongest materials to deal with life’s bumps and bruises
  • protective – incorporating a temperature sensor and UV protection to safeguard your EpiPen®


  • no new habits – no need to worry about charging yet another device – Veta’s batteries last for as long as your auto-injector so you don’t need to change them until you replace your EpiPen®
  • seamless – whether you own two (2) or four (4) or six (6) Veta smart cases, Veta networks seamlessly and intelligently, tracking the locations of your auto-injectors and ensuring you have the appropriate number of auto-injectors within reach at all times.

Daily Support

Some of the other features you will appreciate every day include:Veta Smart Cases

  • Temperature sensors: We know this is one of the top questions you have about your EpiPen® and now finally, there is something to help you keep your epinephrine within temperature.  Veta monitors the temperature continuously so you can keep your EpiPen® within the range you set.
  • Sounds and lights: If you need to find Veta, you actually can. Beyond geolocating within the app, the smart case stealthily includes some pretty intense sound and light:
    • Sound: Our team has enjoyed playing hide-and-seek as we have tested and made sure we could locate Veta smart cases quickly. We have included a beeper that can help you locate Veta even if it slips into the couch. In a typical household, Veta can be heard many rooms away.
    • Light: If Veta is dropped into the bottom of a sports bag, large purse, under a bed, or at bottom of a closet, the powerful lights will quickly allow you to orient to its location, day or night. No more fumbling around when you are trying to get out the door or need to use your auto-injector.
  • You will never leave home without it. Life is busy and mistakes sometimes happen, but we made sure you would never have a smart case that didn’t contain a functioning EpiPen® . The Veta team spent a lot of attention on making sure we could detect the presence of an EpiPen® reliably, without the need to physically touch it. Space-age functions include non-contact detection of the presence of the EpiPen® .
  • Practical for everyday life. Veta is a light, compact smart case that can be handled by any age and slides into some of the same carrying places you may use today. We have paid special attention to smooth edges for easy handling and sliding into and out of pockets and pouches. A wider case allowed us to create a flatter surface that is easier to hide against the body in clothing and in bags.

We are excited to unveil the new Veta design and we are even more excited to get Veta into your hands soon!