bullying-in-classroomSevere Reactions – Veta Assists, Connects and Mobilizes

No one likes being embarrassed. This is especially true during a medical emergency such as a severe allergic reaction. Not only are you feeling vulnerable and frightened, but it can be complicated by well-meaning bystanders who may misunderstand what is happening or are unsure what to do.  Too often you want to sort out what you are feeling away from others, free from distraction and embarrassment.

We’ve heard this scenario play out many times over.  A vast majority of individuals living with anaphylaxis (especially teens) shared with us that they typically excuse themselves from a group setting during a potential reaction so that they can deal with the reaction in a quiet place.

Obviously, being alone during a medical emergency is not a good strategy. But in a panicked state, this behavior occurs frequently. We were compelled to address this and other situations when considering how Veta would assist during a severe reaction.

So How Does Veta Help During a Reaction?

Veta supports families living with anaphylaxis by ensuring:

#1The life-saving medication is always on hand.

Occasionally, people forget. That’s human nature. But we all know the best defense includes having auto-injectors on hand and using the medication without hesitation.  Veta reinforces this best defense approach in the following ways:

  • Always with you. Veta’s app makes sure your family never forgets the EpiPens®. Using notifications and custom settings, Veta app reinforces good self-carry and self-manage habits ensuring that individuals, regardless of their age, always have their auto-injectors with them at all times.

#2The power of being connected.

Reactions are stressful and no matter how many times you’ve practiced the action plan, the individual will need emotional assistance.  Administering your EpiPen® and calling 911 are critical first steps to getting care.  In addition, removing the EpiPen® from the Veta smart case will immediately notify his or her private support network.

  • Help is close. Veta provides quick one-touch access so you can call emergency services and find hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Mom knows what to do. Veta app connects the individual living with anaphylaxis to people in their private support network, even if they are not close by. Experienced family members can provide emotional support and coach the person through the plan.
  • All hands on deck. When Veta broadcasts the notification that your auto-injector was removed and your location to  the person’s private support network, this not only connects the person experiencing anaphylaxis to crisis support, but also mobilizes others who can help in a supporting role. For example, while mom attends to the emergency, dad can look after other obligations, such as picking up siblings, and grandma can meet mom at the hospital. With everyone being automatically notified of an event simultaneously, there is one less thing to worry about, allowing your family to focus on what’s most important: the reaction.

Safe Behavior. Good Habits. Help Nearby.

By supporting individuals in a way that reflects everyday reality, Veta becomes an important addition to the toolkit used by families living with anaphylaxis.

Important: Veta is not a medical device and is not intended, nor should be relied upon, to notify a caregiver, clinician, or emergency services for the immediate delivery of care. If you experience an anaphylactic reaction, administer your auto-injector(s) and contact emergency services.

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