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Do you have a twin Veta Smart Case?

Q: My allergist recommends carrying two EpiPen® auto-injectors with us at all times. Do you have a twin Veta Smart Case?

Two Veta Smart CasesWe definitely agree with your allergist and we always try to promote that individuals and families keep at least two auto-injectors on hand at all times. While we do not have a twin Veta Smart Case right now, Veta can support up to eight EpiPen® auto-injectors within your Support Circle simultaneously! This means that you can purchase a Veta Smart Case for each EpiPen® you need to track and the Veta Smart Cases and App will work together as an integrated system, managing each EpiPen®.

So, while we are currently focusing our efforts on delivering a Veta Smart Case for a single auto-injector, reserving two (or more) Veta smart cases will still give you all the benefits of the Veta system.

To help you with this initial investment, we are offering significant discounts of up to 30% when you reserve multiple Veta smart cases (for a limited time).