Veta Smart Case is a "smart," transparent carrier for your EPIPEN® auto-injector.


Veta App on your phone connects via Bluetooth® wireless technology to Veta Smart Case.


Through the cloud, Veta Smart Case & App keep you connected to your Support Circle.


Your Support Circle users receive secure and private notifications.


Featuring Temperature Monitor, FindMe Locator, Separation Alerts, Removal Alerts, Expiry Watch, Support Circles, Battery Monitor and more.

Always on duty. Always in touch.


"About a week ago we received these for my teenage son and I am sooo thankful we did. Two days ago he found the need to use his Epi-Pens for the first time. My husband and I were alerted immediately when his Epi-Pen was removed. This allowed us to respond to his location before the school even notified us of an issue!!!"  Miriam Napolitano Magaw


“As an anaphylaxis support system, Veta will have a significant positive impact on those at risk of anaphylaxis and their Support Circle. It complements the allergic individual’s care plan and may lessen anxiety for everyone affected.” ~ Dr. Susan Waserman, Professor of Medicine, Allergist/Clinical Immunologist McMaster University


“As a mom of two very active teens, many times I am too busy to remember my EPIPEN® auto-injector. I am so focused on getting out the door in a hurry I often forget my pen. This new product could literally save my life.” ~ Kerrie Cober, Anaphylactic adult


“Now that my son is in high school, it is up to him to manage his anaphylaxis. I need to know he is safe, but I have to give him his independence. With Veta, I’ll know that he has his EPIPEN® auto-injector with him and won’t have to worry. Veta won’t replace our vigilance, but it will give us an extra level of support and some comfort.” ~ Nikki Payne, Mother to 14 year old son with multiple severe food allergies


“Veta is pretty big news as Jay needs to take an EPIPEN® auto-injector with him wherever he goes. This product would give me increased confidence plus a new sense of security and freedom. This technology will reduce a huge amount of the worry associated with anaphylactic reactions by covering an impressive number of scenarios.” ~ Rachel Wallace-Oberle, Wife of an anaphylactic adult


“It’s not just about Veta’s ability to connect you to your Support Circle; it’s also about the ongoing monitoring of EPIPEN® auto-injector location, expiry dates, extreme temperatures and instructional videos. All of these elements work together to provide a comprehensive and interactive system of protection.” ~ Dr. Harold Kim, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Western University and McMaster University

Quotation“I can imagine using the Veta app every single day for peace of mind and helping my daughter to be responsible and confident in self-carrying her medications.” ~ Missy Berggren, Food Allergy Blogger and parent (Veta Smart Case for EpiPens)

“Veta will make a difference in my life because I have severe allergies to peanuts and all nuts. I have gone into anaphylaxis once a year for the past four years… Veta gives me the added security that friends and family can be connected with me… It gives me the added measure of comfort while being alone, and gives me the ability to be more independent. In short, it provides me with comfort, safety, knowledge, and independence, or in other words, it gives me back a part of life that the allergy has taken away.” ~ Joanna Hipp, Adult Anaphylactic and Veta Customer


“All I can say is Genius!! I have a child with severe food allergies and I am always worried that we will forget her EPIPEN® auto-injector or it is too far from her in school as well as the temperature... Your product solves that.” ~ Judyann, Mother of allergic child


“I hope everybody who buys an EPIPEN® auto-injector also buys your product. Would love to see them for purchase at pharmacies in the future.” ~ Naomi De Zilva, Veta customer from Australia

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